A Moment of joy is delicate
Like the flight of a bird
Try to grasp it
And it’ll slip through

All you can do is dwell in it
Try to understand it
And it’ll baffle you
Glide in it is all you can do

I’ve been told that life is
The sum of such moments
But if we don’t notice them
They will pass you by

Then who is to say
Whether we have lived at all?
Try to understand it
And you have lost it all

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The 101 layers of Me.

I’m in here, silent. Unmoving.
I’m all that is, was, will ever be.
Layers upon layers of wonder.
Like a new born’s first sight.

I am all that is. I am.
Moves me in joy, to that sound.
The flow of the world around me,
Brings me to tears of ecstasy.

I’m in here, fearless & free.
The roles of me, draw a laugh.
I watch in silence
As I unfold.

I’m all that was,is & will be.
All of you, all of me.
Close your eyes & you will see
I am you & you are me.

I’m in here, awake & aware.
Waiting in timelessness.
For you to come, be one with me
To close your eyes, witness ‘a’ miracle.

Live the unknown, trust.
Grace is what brings us here.
Accept & marvel.
Love & laugh.

Until that last layer remains.
Where all is lost,
Yet All is found
Where I am me.

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The Love of Me

To the promise of love. In this very moment.

He asks me what is love? I say love is him.
He asks me who is he? I say he is me.
To be or not, Its simple and pure.
He tells me how he wakes up and thinks of me.
or is it the thought of me that wakes him up, could it be?
He asks me what is love? I say love is here.
He asks me where is here? I say in the moment that be.
To love so true, you cannot see, the moment that was or the moment to be.
Could it be that love is here but we fail to see?
Or is love seen but unfulfilled and yet not set free?
He asks me what is love? I say love is laughter.
He ask me what is laughter? I say the song he sings.
His breath, his heart beat, his hand in mine.
His being sings to me, helps me feel, the laughter in me.
Could his laughter be the fabric of my soul? Or is it fantasy?
He asks me what is love? I say love is all that is.
From the vision of our youth, to the sand grains of our dream.
From the sound of the sea, to the whispers of the wind.
It calls to me, says I am it, thats what love said to me.

written a while back and dedicated to the most beautiful soul I know.

Stay blessed,


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MORE blabbering! :P

Something I wrote a few weeks ago and forgot to post 😀 hope you enjoy it.

Walking along, across my path came a soul.
It whispered to me, words of love, what it could be.

It sang of life, of what it feels, what to see.
of far and wide, close and near, of truth and beauty.
It told me how, all along, love is reigning free.
Love with your heart, not your thoughts, it said to me.
Give your love wings, make it pure, it will bring your joy.
I wondered how, to love so pure that it forever eluded me.
It laid a wisp upon my cheek and wiped away my tear.
Love is here, in your veins, in the moment that you be.
Love your soul, beyond all doubt, you are the love that you need.
Then share that love with another soul, that sees itself in thee.
Above all, share your song, the laughter of your soul.
For in laughter, love is pure, it rejoices and reveals.
Remember how, when love was new, your soul flew and marvelled.
Be in that, every moment, for now is all you have.
The soul that was, embraced my hand and walked with me.
It told me how, my love was here and I just needed to see.

Look not far, nor wide, for you know who I mean.
It is the one, who makes your eyes, sparkle like the waves of the sea.

Give your love, without fear, for fear is all that couldnt be.
For now what is, is beauty itself, and love is reality.
 Dedicated to Me 😀

Stay Loved!


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This too, shall pass.

Life goes on. That’s the beauty of it. The fourth dimension of life is my favorite! I love time and what it brings. No one can control it, it brings what it does and it’s always the best! I love the anticipation of what the next moment might bring!
Reality is always in the here and now. It’s very kind to us.

From moments we create our entire life experience! Be it good moments or bad moments, they always pass us by. We remember them so because we live them fully. Reality reminds us to cherish the good moments coz they will pass! And it’s kinder during the bad moments where it reminds us that those moments will pass as well. The good and bad create a whole. They’re only good and bad because we label them so.
Nothing lasts forever, except love which doesn’t need a timeline to begin with.

It amazes me’ how people suffer when they fight with reality. When they believe their thoughts and believe that certain things should go this way or that! How pointless is it to fight with what is? Its there wether u want it or not, but if u accept it, life is beautiful again! Can u battle with time and win? Let time be! That’s the bliss ur looking for.

Learn to love ur life as it is. Love what life brings u. Every single second of it, for it will always bring u exactly what u need. Be it a lesson, an experience or love. Life is kind if u see it as kind. And there’s no greater kindness that loving life.

“Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.”

Look for the beauty in ur moments. And beauty u shall find.

Stay blessed,

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Love is a verb. Live it.

Unconditional love is to love without conditions. Without rules. To just love.

A lesson I’m living right now. Why is it that we expect people to love us in a way that we want? Why can’t we accept love? In all it’s forms? Why do we add conditions to giving love?

I’m living love now, it’s purely awesome love, without the whole ‘u have to do this/that for me to love u’. I hold no expectations. I simply live love. There aren’t any strings attached, I love the freedom love brings. How I love people is my business and how they love me’ is their business! Why impose ur ego on the purest form of being? Just relax into love.

You can’t force someone to love you but u can’t stop someone from loving u either! Love is free (in every meaning of the word).

“Love one another, but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.”

Let your love touch people. And be open to love. It’s the simplest form of connecting. Keep it simple.

With all my love,

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A thought.

Can you bring back the moment that was when you started reading this sentence? 

Life is made of such moments. See their beauty and enjoy them!

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