I used to be quite the fan of insomnia a few years ago, my personal record being around 72 hours without sleep ( that’s all I remember actually, it could have been longer), 72 glorious hours of hallucinations and half headedness ( you get to make up words when you are sleep deprived :p). Anyways, I got a new bed and forget all about insomnia until a few days ago 😐 I snuggled up and horror of horrors! I couldn’t doze off. My sleep pattern went to the lowest grades of hell but, being the genius that I am, I fixed it up again. Until yesterday that is.

What is about a long drive that keeps you up all night? I think I was too excited and hence stayed up all night after quite an exhausting day. Result? I was dozing off at the wheel enroute to AA. Yes I know, I suck. Sometimes.

Somehow, a bed never seems as appealing as it does when u r zooming at 120 kms knowing that a bed will not appear out of thin air. I was contemplating napping on the dunes. I have no idea how I made it to & back safely but el7amdella I did. But the adventure does not end here!

Apparently, sleep deprivation brings out the philosopher (read: mad human) in me. After a nap & a yummy meal at DM with a friend, I began reflecting on the best places to haunt in case of my demise. I settled on DM and/or terminal 3. Chuckling to myself as I imagined scenario after scenario of freaked out shoppers/passengers. Not to mention finally finding out what’s behind that secret closet in DM 😐

So now I am finally in bed, blogging because my mind is demanding answers for a few questions:

1) if elevator doors can’t ‘sense’ u, does that mean that u r invisible?

2) if matter cannot exist without anti matter, does that mean that the existent u cannot exist without the non existent u? Is the non existent u out there somewhere in a parallel universe undoing all the things that u r doing?

And 3) what’s the opposite of promise?

Why don’t u guys wring ur brains out while I get my double dose of beauty sleep. Until then, please make sure u sleep.

P.S: u get bonus points if u can remember how many times I’ve said ‘sleep’ without looking. :p

Seriously, ta.


About Thr33

A human being on the pale blue dot! Travelling the world trying to find something.
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