The 101 layers of Me.

I’m in here, silent. Unmoving.
I’m all that is, was, will ever be.
Layers upon layers of wonder.
Like a new born’s first sight.

I am all that is. I am.
Moves me in joy, to that sound.
The flow of the world around me,
Brings me to tears of ecstasy.

I’m in here, fearless & free.
The roles of me, draw a laugh.
I watch in silence
As I unfold.

I’m all that was,is & will be.
All of you, all of me.
Close your eyes & you will see
I am you & you are me.

I’m in here, awake & aware.
Waiting in timelessness.
For you to come, be one with me
To close your eyes, witness ‘a’ miracle.

Live the unknown, trust.
Grace is what brings us here.
Accept & marvel.
Love & laugh.

Until that last layer remains.
Where all is lost,
Yet All is found
Where I am me.


About Thr33

A human being on the pale blue dot! Travelling the world trying to find something.
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4 Responses to 101

  1. Bu Rashid says:

    Missed you girl, it’s been more than five months where did you disappear?

  2. Umair says:

    Great to see you back . Very nice poem. JazakAllah

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