The Love of Me

To the promise of love. In this very moment.

He asks me what is love? I say love is him.
He asks me who is he? I say he is me.
To be or not, Its simple and pure.
He tells me how he wakes up and thinks of me.
or is it the thought of me that wakes him up, could it be?
He asks me what is love? I say love is here.
He asks me where is here? I say in the moment that be.
To love so true, you cannot see, the moment that was or the moment to be.
Could it be that love is here but we fail to see?
Or is love seen but unfulfilled and yet not set free?
He asks me what is love? I say love is laughter.
He ask me what is laughter? I say the song he sings.
His breath, his heart beat, his hand in mine.
His being sings to me, helps me feel, the laughter in me.
Could his laughter be the fabric of my soul? Or is it fantasy?
He asks me what is love? I say love is all that is.
From the vision of our youth, to the sand grains of our dream.
From the sound of the sea, to the whispers of the wind.
It calls to me, says I am it, thats what love said to me.

written a while back and dedicated to the most beautiful soul I know.

Stay blessed,



About Thr33

A human being on the pale blue dot! Travelling the world trying to find something.
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7 Responses to The Love of Me

  1. BuRashid says:

    Missing u :))

  2. Umair says:

    Very nice – Glad to read your post

  3. BuThyab says:

    I rarely see poems written in this style where the poet talks to one’s self; a quiet conversation, a soliloquy, if I may say.

    I enjoyed reading this poem/thoughts and it made me ask some questions to myself:

    “He asks me what is pride?”

    My answer was: “I say pride is you and I”.

    Now, firstly, what are your thoughts? Secondly, what would your self answer?

    • 3osha says:

      Firstly, thank u for passing by 😀
      My thoughts on pride? Or on oneness?
      I would say pride and humility are one. You cannot have one without the other.
      Your words portray this in the union of duality. We end up with One either way.
      My Self would answer: Pride is no-thing.

      • BuThyab says:

        “pride and humility are one” – Great words, indeed, thnx. I hope I will not confuse you, but here is my response.

        In my opinion, duality of an individual (him/her and the self) and its unification will be achieved if the person talks to the ‘mind’ since it will always try to use its own pride to refute the other, and usually the other is the ‘heart’, but since you are only talking to the ‘mind’ you and it will become one. However, duality should not exist when talking to the ‘heart’ since it is always biased.

        In other words, a person can train the heart into becoming for/against the mind and the heart can train a person into becoming for/against the mind. Yet, the mind can only be deceived because its pride will not allow it to be ‘convinced’ or ‘persuaded’.

    • 3osha says:

      Your reply is actually very clear and you did not confuse me at all.
      I would like to add that both the heart and mind reside IN you. The you that is being. Consciousness.
      Since consciousness animates both the heart and the mind, therefore they are one in essence. Why would we need to actively try and persuade one or the other? In the effort of trying we are creating duality.
      The simplest way to unification or oneness is to live from consciousness. To observe and allow.

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