MORE blabbering! :P

Something I wrote a few weeks ago and forgot to post 😀 hope you enjoy it.

Walking along, across my path came a soul.
It whispered to me, words of love, what it could be.

It sang of life, of what it feels, what to see.
of far and wide, close and near, of truth and beauty.
It told me how, all along, love is reigning free.
Love with your heart, not your thoughts, it said to me.
Give your love wings, make it pure, it will bring your joy.
I wondered how, to love so pure that it forever eluded me.
It laid a wisp upon my cheek and wiped away my tear.
Love is here, in your veins, in the moment that you be.
Love your soul, beyond all doubt, you are the love that you need.
Then share that love with another soul, that sees itself in thee.
Above all, share your song, the laughter of your soul.
For in laughter, love is pure, it rejoices and reveals.
Remember how, when love was new, your soul flew and marvelled.
Be in that, every moment, for now is all you have.
The soul that was, embraced my hand and walked with me.
It told me how, my love was here and I just needed to see.

Look not far, nor wide, for you know who I mean.
It is the one, who makes your eyes, sparkle like the waves of the sea.

Give your love, without fear, for fear is all that couldnt be.
For now what is, is beauty itself, and love is reality.
 Dedicated to Me 😀

Stay Loved!



About Thr33

A human being on the pale blue dot! Travelling the world trying to find something.
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