Learning or not

Something curious happened today, I was reading one of the books that I’ve read many times before and this book was essential in some of the changes that took place in my life but this time, the book held a different meaning to me!

One possible explanation is that as we grow (intellectualy/emotionally/spiritually/psychologically) our beliefs and perceptions change. what one word or sentence meant to me yesterday can change today.

Also, the way I interpreted it had changed, a lot of the principles and morals mentioned made a whole lot more sense to me. Or I saw them in a completely different light. This sense of variety fascinates me! The thought that I can learn millions of things from one book and many different things on as many different days is amazingly awesome to me.

I’ve recently started unlearning as well. NOT forgetting what I’d learnt but merely seeing things differently 😛 Its beautiful when you see something without labeling it and marvel at it’s existence. The world is such a beautiful place to the inquiring mind. I fail to see how people get bored when there’s SO much to see and SO much to do! Think about it, with the gazillions of things/experiences/feelings out there, a few lifetimes would’nt suffice and here we are moanig about nothing to do 😛

Unlearn and observe and then relearn just for the fun of it 😀 you might see something fascinating! Chase that random thought and see where it takes you. A final thought : can you be grateful for what/who you have around you this very moment?

This is pure mindless blaberring at it’s finest XD have a beautiful day!

Stay blessed!



About Thr33

A human being on the pale blue dot! Travelling the world trying to find something.
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