lesson learnt?

I believe one of the reasons we come into this world is to learn lessons. I recall reading that we’re meant to learn 7.
They differ from human to human. Some of us need to learn how to love, others need to learn forgiveness. Some, compassion, or tolerance. Some, the truth, self love/worth. The lessons are endless. The soul is forever yearning for what it hasn’t touched upon.
But do we really learn them?

Our ‘mistakes or experiences’ are merely lessons in disguise. If we are aware enough to see them as such and accept them.
I’ve always wondered why I keep repeating the same ‘mistakes’.
Then I discovered that I hadn’t learnt the lesson I was meant to! Hence, I was reliving the same mistake, from a million different angles, just to learn that one precious lesson.

Once learnt, I accepted it as a part of me, a part of my journey. I appreciated what it has taught me, loved it for showing me the beauty of it and finally moved on. Unblocking that dam of repeated patterns and allowing your soul to shine through.

What can be harder though is to realize that other people are on their own journeys as well, that their mistakes are merely their lessons. That its nothing personal. Which is where I believe ‘forgive and forget’ stems from. To forgive and convince oneself is easy, its forever harder to see yourself in another and appreciate that they’re learning and not hold it against them.

Shouldn’t that be a form of unconditional love?
Isn’t declaring that you have no regrets another way of loving yourself completely?

Just a few thoughts in bed.
Stay blessed dumdums!

All my love,


About Thr33

A human being on the pale blue dot! Travelling the world trying to find something.
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One Response to lesson learnt?

  1. Aysha says:

    What a nice thinking,,,

    I totally agree with yours idea 🙂

    Best wishes for you 3osha 🙂

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