kind words

“Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world.”

When was the last time u uttered a kind word to someone? A word of encouragement? Appreciation? Love?

Why is it that the words that need to be spoken out the most, are left inside, never said?
We don’t become lesser beings by sharing a kind word or a hug. It merely makes us awesomer!
We underestimate the power of a kind word, it truly can change destinies.
Give away kind words sprinkled with love and watch the person blossom.
“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”
Bless whoever u meet, with all ur heart, it can make a person’s day.

And most importantly, love. With all ur heart and ur being. And then share it! Tell ur loved ones that u love them!

Little deeds of kindness, little words of love, Help to make earth happy like the heaven above.

Always be a little kinder than necessary 😀

With all my love,


About Thr33

A human being on the pale blue dot! Travelling the world trying to find something.
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2 Responses to kind words

  1. Y. says:

    I love it

    The idea of ur blog is so nice and it shows the kindness of ur personality.

    Wish the best of luck dear.


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