beyond love

I’ve been reading a lot on positive thinking/feeling. Some call it the Law of Attraction but I just call it being happy!
Joy is our natural state of being which is why being happy feels so GOOD! And even making people happy feels amazing. Joy shared is multiplied 😉

Back to LOA, a lot of people don’t believe that u can attract happiness into your life but I believe u can! I’ve tied it to my religion. Which basically states that when we remain in a state of joy and gratitude, we get MORE of what we have! And even that what we wish for.

How hard is it to be grateful u say? I’ve come across people who have the riches of the world but cannot begin to be thankful, hence they have anxiety n are constantly worried! And then there are those who have enough and are immensely grateful and in peace.

What is awesomer than being grateful for love? For the love you have for urself and everyone in ur life. And the love they share with u! I can’t begin to fathom how someone can say n feel they’re unloved when so many people adore them! People need to wake up to love and sleep on love,eat and breathe love! and truly believe they deserve love.

Just a few thoughts in bed 😀
With a world of love,


About Thr33

A human being on the pale blue dot! Travelling the world trying to find something.
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2 Responses to beyond love

  1. Samia says:

    Wow! Beautiful & definitely words 2 live by. Will try 2 put this into practice asap =D Thanx 4 the love ❤

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