Written half asleep

Come, rest in my arms. I’ll sing u a lullaby. I’ll whisper words that will calm your heart. It will forget its sorrows and be. Your soul might unfurl and wrap around my soul. Rest your weary eyes. Linger around and your being will be filled with my love. My joy.


About Thr33

A human being on the pale blue dot! Travelling the world trying to find something.
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5 Responses to Written half asleep

  1. ApuestoAmy says:

    U don’t seem half a sleep to me.. Adorable

  2. MIB says:

    It’s usually posts written in ‘not fully there’ states that sound the best! This post reminds me of something I wrote a long time ago!

    Love your blog *bookmarked* Keep it up..and absolutely love its name!;P I’m off to do some more readin!;D

  3. MIB says:

    *bookmarks this blog again*

    Ooh, Al7mdlla you commented! Lena I formatted my laptop yesterday, and I realized a LOT later that all my bookmarks have obviously been wiped out. >.<

    Nope, I'm um3awas on Twitter – would love to have you brightening my followers' list with your lovely presence, girlie!*hugs back*

    Which posts did ya read? Aahh..please don't be a silent reader..I can't stand them anymore! *sobs*

    Stalk ya soon. xP

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