“when in doubt, love.”

I’ve been rediscovering the magic of love recently. Not the romantic kind 😛 It’s quite baffling how hearts connect tho. From humans to extraordinary friends. From mere names in ur phonebook to actual engravings in ur heart. I’m blessed to have friends in my life who make it beyond amazing. To say I’m immensly grateful for the presence of each and every one of them in my life is an understatement.

I go from just caring for a person to making every effort to see them smile, which is quite effortless frankly. And seeing them smile makes me the happiest human on earth! It’s quite an awesome sight to see a close friend grinning from ear to ear or crying tears of joy (both of which I have witnessed recently).

It’s amazing how we touch lives without even realizing it. Sometimes, ordinary words can change lives and simple gestures are capable of filling a person with indescribable joy. Simple truths yes, but we fail to see them and appreciate them.

Isn’t this the magic of being human? That we can willingly give love and joy?
I recently read this quote: “when in doubt, love.” which had quite a profound effect on me :p

Anyways, this blabbering is the side effect of ‘joy’ by Osho. Read it!

With bucketloads of love,


About Thr33

A human being on the pale blue dot! Travelling the world trying to find something.
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2 Responses to “when in doubt, love.”

  1. livadore says:

    what a beautiful post! it really is magical!


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