A Moment

How do u define a moment?
It can be anything from a second to an eternity, depending on how u precieve it!
As Einstein observed; time is merely an illusion. The only true ‘moment’ we have is now. Which slips by unnoticed.

A moment can be quite ordinary but a moment also has the power to change the course of history. Or quite simply to change humans.
Have you ever noticed how many moments we waste? If we bring our attention to all those lost moments, it sure would amount to a considerable chunk of our lives.

I’m currently reading a book titled; The One Moment Master and it’s mindblowingly simple. Beautifully written yet drips wisdom.
It simply states that whenever u need peace, all u need is a moment. And a moment is always available. Regardless of how busy you think you are.
I’ll review the book once I’m done but I’m astounded by what I’ve read so far!
Till then, wishing you many moments of happiness and peace



About Thr33

A human being on the pale blue dot! Travelling the world trying to find something.
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3 Responses to A Moment

  1. hamdanism says:


    Life is nothing but moments to remember. I feel like I’m missing out on so many things, specially this year.

    I’ll definitely get a list of books recommendation from you next time I go book shopping 🙂

  2. Abood says:

    Loving your topic and love you 😀 ❤

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