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“when in doubt, love.”

I’ve been rediscovering the magic of love recently. Not the romantic kind 😛 It’s quite baffling how hearts connect tho. From humans to extraordinary friends. From mere names in ur phonebook to actual engravings in ur heart. I’m blessed to … Continue reading

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How many of us have ‘searched’ for our souls? Aren’t we taught that the soul resides in the body? Then why go wandering around searching for it? I just fininshed reading a book called ‘why is God laughing?’ and my … Continue reading

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The 6th of 08

And it’s finally here! After lenghty countdowns and anticipation! Life does give you amazing surprises and my birthday began in the most surprising yet mindblowing way! 😉 I’m truly blessed to have such inspiring and caring ppl in my life. … Continue reading

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A Moment

How do u define a moment? It can be anything from a second to an eternity, depending on how u precieve it! As Einstein observed; time is merely an illusion. The only true ‘moment’ we have is now. Which slips … Continue reading

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The opposite of joy?

Sadness is the state in which happiness is absent. What’s the opposite of joy? I recently read that ‘happiness should be the natural state and unhappiness an interruption, just as a cold or a headache are interruption in your normal … Continue reading

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