before I go

I know what he resembles
His fingertips swirl my soul, dancing about, forcing my being to crave.
One breath. Takes me apart, I soar.
His eyes smile. That breath returns. I rush to meet his tips. The entrancing electric aura embraces me. Envelops me. My colors explode. Wind twirls around me,undisturbed. My toes play with the earth, commanding it to seek. Calling it, whispering sweet songs which allow the untouched soul to fly. Above all that my eyes seek, to where his breath resides.
Mist unravels, rope after rope. I move the air, I call the sun, I radiate towards the strangely familiar. features float to me. Details and nooks. Memory is merely a gasp. Once released, forever lost. The air that travels between us, pregnant with hope. To fly high and seek where his breath resides.


About Thr33

A human being on the pale blue dot! Travelling the world trying to find something.
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2 Responses to before I go

  1. BuRashid says:

    You can’t call that love, it’s beyond love.
    If it’s an old feeling, you already used to it, but if have this feeling lately you will suffer, trust me.

  2. Humaid Masaood says:

    =) I was here at this time 3:06am wed.30.Jun

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