Floating vibes

What does it take for us to connect to other humans?
Imagine we all have cords sticking out from our bodies and by tying this cord to another human’s we ‘connect’ with them. ‘Avatar’-ish much?
I do believe in chemistry *not the God forsaken subject* but the vibes we feel from people when they step into out personal space.
I’ve studied body language extensively. I can predict certain reactions to my actions but sometimes, human nature baffles me. Take the fact that some people don’t ‘understand’ hugs. What’s there to understand? It’s a purely physical/sensory sometimes spirtiually healing experience.
I find myself drawn to people with certain vibes. I’ve been studying and categorizing it for quite some time. Watch out for the next post to know what kind of vibes draw me and what kinds repel me.


About Thr33

A human being on the pale blue dot! Travelling the world trying to find something.
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