To Be 3osha

I’ve never ‘really’ hated another human being until very recently.  Being a very passionate person and refusing to believe that people do ‘hate’ outside soap operas. Naively put, I do try to see the ‘good’ in everyone. I don’t mean dislike by this ‘hate’. Not in the sense that, I ‘hate’ smoking or such.

This is actual blind hot hatred! I thought I’d hate a human who hates me by default that I’d try to match their hatred for me!

Even when I did come down to hating another human, it wasn’t what I expected at all! I’d thought that when I’ll hate a human I won’t stand the thought of them! Or at the very least despise their existence! Truth is, it’s quite depressing. And an absolute waste of time!

But alas, I wasn’t meant to hate like a normal human would! it was rather confusing to me as to why I would dedicate so much of my time, effort and most importantly thought to a person I disliked and was ‘meant to be ignoring’. Surely I had better things to give thought to?

And as thought creates whatever we think of, I’d just be creating more of this ‘weird hatred’ which I’m sure I can do without 😉

So I’ve decided this hating game isn’t for me. I’ll leave it for the people who actually enjoy doing it! And I’ll go back to my positivity.

This experience has led me to believe in a quote I once read which said that every hater is actually a confused admirer who doesn’t understand why everyone loves you (me :P) so much 😀

Apologies for such a depressing topic: P

Spread love humans!

Frozen Queen


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A human being on the pale blue dot! Travelling the world trying to find something.
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6 Responses to To Be 3osha

  1. Elreem Bnt Rashid says:


    I so admire this topic, it isn’t depressing at all, rather its opening eyes to the truth behind HATING!!

    Althu I’de think just the way u did, yet many ppl don’t realize it untill u point it out..

    Hating is simply a waste of time, thoughts, tears and feelings!!!

    Waaaay to go babe!! Btw Misssssing u bk Home! *polar bear hugs*

    P.s: out of freaky curiousity I’m wondering whom did u HATE!! *rofl*

    Luv ya

    • 3osha says:

      fdait reemoti 😛
      I know its not depressing I was just trying to see if I can make sense of the situatuion n express myself!
      thanks for the support :*
      annnnnd curious reemooo I shall inform u laterrr
      *polar bear hugssssss*

  2. King 5ulio says:

    Love that spirit! 🙂 It’s actually a big waste of time when hating someone or such. It really ain’t worth, at all. 3 months later or 6months, you’ll be eventually laughing. ennit, mate? =)

  3. I remember posting that quote not far back.

    It’s true. To hate requires much energy, which in turn lays there heavy on ur heart.

    I’m glad you’ve come to this realization. Wise 3osha ❤

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