Hijacking 007

Never mind the title, looks can be deceiving 😛

As many of you know (and surprisingly many don’t although it’s ALL I tweet about -_- which shows exactly how encoded and mysterious my tweets must be! hmm?) I am in fact in the great city of London.

I absolutely adore anything that flies! Defying gravity and floating around would be my ideal state of being. So flying usually is my favourite part of any journey, I have had the privilege to fly small aircrafts (my cousin WOULD say that he did the actual flying but whatever, he’s a party pooper! :P) , my flight to LHR was very uneventful nevertheless I was my usual hyper self and I didn’t ‘do’ anything ‘bad’ 😛

Now, forgive my ignorance but where I come from, we aren’t really given a choice with the seasons. Heck, I wasn’t even aware of the fact that there is supposed to be an ‘autumn’ when leaves fall and it’s all romanticy and sweet. You can imagine my reaction when my KG teacher taught us about the seasons. (she lied about winter :p) so when I stepped onto British soil for the tenth time in the springy month of MAY and immediately tried to run back into the airport because i thought I’d gone back in time and stepped into ‘wintery’ London, I would be forgiven.

Yes, it’s cold and I really loathe clothes. Layer upon layer of really weird stuff! Even as a child I hated clothes!  My favourite piece of garment being my Ninja Turtle suit which really tormented my poor mother 😛

After enduring such cold and miserable weather it really is annoying to hear everyone say: it’s not really that cold! You just aren’t used to it! (Rubbish! its 4 c for heaven’s sake!) (I sound way too British! Save me!)

But worry not; I am still alive and breathing. I’m going to share some of my (mis)adventures later on so stay tuned: D


About Thr33

A human being on the pale blue dot! Travelling the world trying to find something.
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2 Responses to Hijacking 007

  1. Zubiya Bint Sheikh says:

    Haha ! ;p wallah it is london of course 😉 I liked it ❤ bs the Queen is turning british now ;p :O

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