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1:33 am

 I have a book. A brown one, which is very different from my other vibrant rainbow filled books. This book is reserved for my gratitude for immense amounts of pleasure and/or pain. I was musing over the irony of the … Continue reading

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Fly baby!

  I really really wish I was born in the air. In a hot air balloon, a plane, I don’t even mind a rocket. As long as I arrived into this world flying in the air. I know for a … Continue reading

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Hijacking 007

Never mind the title, looks can be deceiving 😛 As many of you know (and surprisingly many don’t although it’s ALL I tweet about -_- which shows exactly how encoded and mysterious my tweets must be! hmm?) I am in fact … Continue reading

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To Be 3osha

I’ve never ‘really’ hated another human being until very recently.  Being a very passionate person and refusing to believe that people do ‘hate’ outside soap operas. Naively put, I do try to see the ‘good’ in everyone. I don’t mean dislike … Continue reading

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