Aliens own Google

Google is capable of doing anything. From Baking cupcakes to taking endless pictures of what ‘streets’ look like.

But when I, oh so innocently googled : ” Amazing Mars Facts” , it never occurred to me that I’d be sucked through a time tunnel and thrown back to ‘The Space And Astronaut’ Phase of my childhood. (Which I’m pretty sure everyone goes through, or at least I hope everyone does šŸ˜› otherwise I need some serious therapy)

Now this phase was both extremely fun and embarrassing. I researched the minimum requirements needed to become an astronaut (which you can find here: and gave up at the tender age of 12 8) NOT something I’m very proud of but it DID provide endless hours of entertainment. From role playing (forcing) my poor helpless sisters to play fellow Apollo astronauts to constructing rockets (made from pillows and cushions) that could fly to Pluto and back!

But the facts revealed were truly amazing. I did recall studying The Huge Mountain on Mars (better known as Olympus Mons) in some Geology class but the teacher made it sound absolutely and mind numbingly boring! Not half as magnificent as it is in pictures! This goes to prove that pictures are indeed worth a thousand words (or a million boring Geology teacher). So now climbing that mountain is on my to-do list. Wedged smack in between Climbing Everest and my Pluto Trip in 2020.

Or maybe something closer to home? The Moon as it is officially named? Maybe I could go and investigate the three golf balls that sit there peacefully.Ā  Or see the other side of the moon which we earthlings have never seen and WHICH I’m pretty convinced is where the *Moonians* are hiding biding their time. They’ve even started drifting away from us! At the rate of 4cms a year! The ungrateful gits!

Either way, I’m determined to explore Space, not my closet space. But the space ‘out there’. And Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to find dumb extraterrestrial life out there?

Which would be much more than Iā€™d dare wish for šŸ˜‰

Wish me Luck!


About Thr33

A human being on the pale blue dot! Travelling the world trying to find something.
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4 Responses to Aliens own Google

  1. Remind me to lend you a flag that I need to be fixated in space. Mars or the Moon will do šŸ˜‰

    • 3osha says:

      depends on which flag it is salooh šŸ˜› If it’s EA’s then I’ll be needing … erm, fruity bribes? make that chocolately bribes šŸ˜›

  2. Elreem Bnt Rashid says:


    Reading this was kina like,
    “Oh when did I ever write this?”

    LOOOL this is almost exactly so similar to wat I used to live in my own bubble!!!

    Yet I had my own maginary massengers frm space :p
    Whom I used to talk to, send msgs to..and I had plans to introduce em to HUMANS!
    Thanx god I didn’t… Or else I would’ve ended up in sum mental illness hospit
    Instead of being a medical & surgery Dr LOL

    Reading this waaaas sooooo much FUN!!

    Keeeep it up! *huuugs*
    Looking forward for more babe!

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