Walking is overrated !

I’ve decided walking and driving is too mediocre for me. I want to fly everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE.

Ten reasons I absolutely NEED a plane. Be it the awesomely gorgeous A380 or the yummy 787 Dream liner.

1) Planes are mind numbingly powerful. and fast 😛 which is exactly what I need in a city like Dubai. Imagine flying down SZR. Awesomeness.

2) The world becomes a ‘2-3 hours’ PLANE ride away. Enough said.

3) I get to NAME my plane! officially! and have it written everywhere! Create logos for it! AND paint it any color I fancy! *Note to self: check with the authorities if this is indeed possible*

4) I can own slaves (i.e flight attendants) legally.

5) Ditto with pilots.

6) I can kick that Bentley dude’s arse. < *arse isnt really a word, spell check informs me*

7) I get to build a HUGE hangar near or around Terminal 3 (the love of my life) and just spend the rest of my life there. Away from traffic and what not.

8) NO traffic in the air. No Indians with weird 4X4 trying to kill me. or Saudi rally racers!

9) My biggest decision of the day would be: ‘ where shall I land today?’

10) And last but not least, getting even with ElWaleed 😛

P.S: This is a part of a series that I intend to write titled: 3osha’s Birthday Wishlist. (A)



About Thr33

A human being on the pale blue dot! Travelling the world trying to find something.
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2 Responses to Walking is overrated !

  1. Bo_Rashid says:

    Good Luck, when u get your own plane let me know I might need a lift..
    have a nice day 🙂

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