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Aliens own Google

Google is capable of doing anything. From Baking cupcakes to taking endless pictures of what ‘streets’ look like. But when I, oh so innocently googled : ” Amazing Mars Facts” , it never occurred to me that I’d be sucked … Continue reading

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Walking is overrated !

I’ve decided walking and driving is too mediocre for me. I want to fly everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. Ten reasons I absolutely NEED a plane. Be it the awesomely gorgeous A380 or the yummy 787 Dream liner. 1) Planes are … Continue reading

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End of Day One!

The end of another day, makes me realize that I keep too many counts! Countdowns to certain days! Counts of days since and to certain things. Which can be quite mind boggling! And quite unhealthy. so I’ve decided to stop … Continue reading

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Migrating from Twitter!

Howdy Humans! Nearing my 40000th tweet, a realization hit me! which was confirmed by a very uselful (albiet a time wasting) website! Here’s what ( had to say about my twitter account!: 3osha has 39,130 total tweets and assuming they … Continue reading

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